Twenty Minuters Hall of fame

The Cary-Elwes Run Out of the Year Award
2006Al 'The Lame Armadillo' Tyers
(famously with the help of the notorious Blakey turning circle of 5 miles)
The Proper Cricket Moment of the Year Trophy
2006C Stevens (Iscoyd run chase)
2005Henry 'Straussy' Baker
2004Cohen (for terrifying Kent children)
2003Cannon (for terrifying children)
The Chris 'Aussie' Cohen Bowler of the Year Cup
2006'Lucky Pierre' Cannon
2005Adam 'Yips' Curtis (33.4-0-232-9)
2004Chris 'Aussie' Cohen (15-2-53-5)
2003Chris 'Aussie' Cohen (12-0-77-1)
The Major Mick Mannock Player of the Year Medallion
2006'Lucky Pierre' Cannon
2005Oddball (150 runs @ 25, 23-0-137-8 )
2004Leon (152 runs @ 76, 16-1-99-2)
2003Elwes (81 runs @ 40.5, 12-1-55-2)
Most Improved Twenty Minuter of the Year Cup
2006H Lloyd-Baker
2005RTC Groom

Twenty Minuters Club Records

Highest Team Inningsvs
235 vs Bell's Bombers 2006358, Althorp 2006
Lowest Team Inningsvs
78 vs Althorp 2005103, Catford Cyphers 2005
Highest Individual Scorevs
89, L Willis vs Catford 2004129, D Kennedy, Althorp 2006
72, L Willis vs Locksbottom 2005121, C Redmayne, Althorp 2005
63*, B Godsal vs Bell's Bombers 2006101, C Redmayne, Althorp 2006
63, J Elwes vs Catford 200389, Sadique, The Strollers 2004
63, L Willis vs Becks XI 200471,T Rhodes, Becks XI 2005
Highest Partnershipvs
80, H Lloyd-Baker & B Godsal vs Bell's Bombers 2006196, Sadique & Aziz, The Strollers 2003
80, H Lloyd-Baker & J Greayer vs White Ligtning 2006
Top All Time Run Scorers (19/9/06)
J Elwes296
P Cannon287
L Willis282
C Stevens275
RTC Groom192
B Godsal163
H Lloyd-Baker148
J Greayer106
R Scott121
H Nicolas76
Most Runs in a Season
P Cannon (2006)160
L Willis (2004)152
C Stevens (2005)150
Best Bowling Analysisvs
P Cannon, 5-36 vs Bell's Bombers 2006Thamba, 5-25, Locksbottom 2005
C Cohen, 4-20 vs Locksbottom 2004
T Godsal, 4-21 vs Pilgrims 2005
P Cannon, 4-25 vs Locksbottom 2005
C Stevens, 4-36, vs Becks XI 2005
W Scott, 4-52, vs Locksbottom 2005
Top All Time Wicket Takers
P Cannon28
J Elwes22
A R B Curtis15
C Stevens15
W Scott13
C Cohen6
J Blenkin6
T Godsal6
L Willis4
Most Wickets in a Season
P Cannon (2006)18
J Elwes (2006)10
Most Catches in a Match
H Lloyd-Baker (2004)2
J Elwes (2005)2
RTC Groom (2006)2
Most All Time Catches
C Stevens7
R T C Groom7
H Lloyd-Baker6
R Scott4
Most Popadoms at Annual Dinner
R Scott9
H Lloyd-Baker6
M Maxwell-Scott5
Most Ducks in a row (not aromatic)
H Lloyd-Baker3*